Meet Our Team

Bernie and Elizabeth Shelton (Program Administrators)

We are husband and wife; married for 55 years, and are very proud parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Until moving to Rockhampton in 2014, we had lived on the land all of our lives.

We did this retreat many years ago and it changed our lives.

Over the years we have experienced droughts and floods; grief, depression and the loss of our beloved property, due to oil and gas developments. The knowledge and ‘tools’ we gained at the retreat enabled us to handle those experiences in a healthy, positive manner.

Our dream is that all people, of all ages, have a strong sense of their own self worth. We believe that when you have this, it enables you to live your life to its fullest potential.

We have been doing this work since 2005 and having witnessed hundreds of people making positive life-changing choices after doing this retreat, we are passionate about the benefits of what these six days can bring to your life.


I am a wife, a mum, and a business owner. This unique retreat
was the first opportunity I had to reflect in safety and peace
on my world as I knew it. The greatest gift we can give ourselves
is to truly know ourselves. Bernie and Elizabeth kindly invited me
to be part of the team to give back to others and help support
those experiencing their retreat. It is an honour and great
privilege to companion others reflecting on their life story.
My family is most important to me and the gift the retreat has
given me in self-reflection and understanding has also given me
the tools to be an example as the mum and wife I want to be.


I am a father, self-employed carpenter/concreter. I strive to be conscious in who I am what I stand for and how I can be beneficial to others. So as part of the retreat team I’m able to share a passion in helping others and in the meantime become enlightened myself.


I am excited about being a member of the retreat team. From first hand experience it can change lives in just six days and seeing that transformation in others is one of my greatest joys. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and business owner. I always strive to have a deeper understanding of people; to be a better version of myself and I have a passion for helping others see their potential.


I am a registered nurse, a mother to 3 beautiful adults and blessed to be married to my soul mate and best friend. This retreat is a journey of self-discovery and teaches the importance of taking time out from our busy schedules to sit and reflect in silence. I am excited to be a part of this amazing team and feel honoured to be able to share this life-changing experience with you.

Retreat sunrise, a beautiful way to end the retreat.