The Journeying Within ‘Silent’ Retreat

The only retreat of its kind in Central Queensland

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At the Haven | Emu Park

Our six day Retreat Package includes: All of the course materials | Six nights accommodation overlooking the beautiful Emu Park beach |
 Evening meal on first day | Lunches (2 course) each day and a breakfast on final day.

Your life will be different- Because YOU will be different.

During the retreat you will: 
Learn life management skills and strategies that enable you to build self-esteem and self-reliance. 
Recognize your emotional reactions to stressful situations. 
Identify any ineffective coping behaviours. 
Learn to use the new skills and strategies to make positive, more effective choices. 
And you will return home with these new skills to use in your everyday living - 
For the rest of your life.

" Life changes when you know who you are.
You aren't your past.
You aren't your future.
You aren't your qualifications or skills.
You aren't the measure of your family.
You are the essence of the depth of character that you are, having been shaped and molded by your life experience. Sometimes it takes everything you have known and loved to evaporate, for you to truly find who you are.
Step forward from that place. "
Cathy Irwin

The Journeying Within Retreat enables you to "step forward from that place".

Ocean views on the retreat